For the change of size or color of the product purchased in our online stores and social networks, you may request the change of the item within a maximum period of 30 days from the moment we confirm the product’s delivery, as long as the product has the same agreed value.

Notwithstanding the above mentioned if you prefer an exchange for a different garment, you must request a return following the procedure provided for this purpose and make a new purchase.

If the size or color requested is not available, we will let you now and we will make you a refund.

You will not not have the right to withdraw or retract from the contract for the supply of any of the following products:

– Garments or accessories which have been used by the consumer or which do not retain their internal labels.

– Products that, by their nature, cannot be returned, for example, swimwear and underwear.

– A product that is modified or altered from its original state. 

– A garment that has deteriorated through wear or washing.

The right of withdrawal and contractual right to withdraw from the contract will apply only to those products that are returned in the same condition in which you received them. No refund will be made if the product has been used beyond the mere opening of the product, so if the product is not in the same condition in which it was delivered or has suffered any damage, cannot be returned, so you must be careful with these while they are in your possession.  We will inform you with an email the reason why the change does not proceed and the product will be returned to the initial shipping address, Grupo Empresarial CGN SAS reserves the right to charge the customer for such shipment.

Address for the delivery of the products: Medellín, Calle 50 #64c – 18.


The complaint filed by the consumer with Grupo Empresarial CGN SAS will contain at least the following information:

– Full name, buyer’s identification number, purchase order number, document number equivalent to invoice.

– Express statement of the reasons supporting the request for reversal of payment.

– Indication of the reason that supports your request.

– The amount for which the reversal is requested.

– Identification of the bank account, credit card or payment instrument to which the transaction was charged.

It is important to mention that, upon the request for reversal of payment, Grupo Empresarial CGN SAS will be able to oppose the execution of the operation when the consumer omits to inform the alleged cause or does not support the reversal in due form.